The whole tips of “hunting” scholarships from an alumnus of Greenfield (Part 1)

Getting scholarships, studying abroad and working in a multinational environment are always the desire of young people in the 4.0 technology era. What is the “secret” to help young people fall into the sights of prestigious international universities and win scholarships?

In fact, winning a scholarship to prestigious universities around the globe and touching your dream of studying abroad is not easy. “Nothing is impossible” and if you know to invest early, make a clear roadmap and especially know how to decode the secrets of “hunting” scholarships, success will come.

If you still do not know where to start, listen to Nguyen Vu Huyen Trang, the alumnus of grade 12A1, the school year 2017-2018.

This talented girl has made a big mark when not only admitted to 8 prestigious universities in the US but also was invited by 5 of them with a “huge” scholarship.

The list of universities that Huyen Trang was accepted includes SUNY Brockport University (Top 16 top public universities in the US), Wichita State University, Kent State University, University of North Texas, The Art Institute of Atlanta, Johnson & Wales University, Cleveland Institute of Art and Georgia State University.

There are 5 schools: Johnson & Wales University, Cleveland Institute of Art, Georgia State University, SUNY Prockport University and Wichita State University all simultaneously invited Huyen Trang with “huge” scholarships up to billions of VND.

For Huyen Trang, this is not a carpet of roses. However, thanks to the clear goal setting, the perfect roadmap, the impressive learning results and the social projects and activities that Huyen Trang participated at Greenfield, the talented female student has made the dream of studying abroad come true.

From these remarkable achievements, Huyen Trang shares her experience in “hunting” scholarships for her junior students.

How to “hunt” scholarships effectively?
According to Huyen Trang, in order to “hunt” for effective scholarships, students need to learn about the scholarship packages of universities.

“In the US, almost all schools offer scholarships with different types of scholarships such as merit-based scholarship aid, for each academic year; Financial aid scholarships include a need-based aid scholarship and a need-blind aid scholarship. In particular, “need-based aid” usually sponsors about 75% of scholarships and “need-blind aid” is funding 100% of scholarships.

You need to find out which scholarship packages you are applying to. Then, consider for yourself what kind of scholarship you are most likely to receive to apply. The more carefully you learn about the information about the school and the types of scholarships the school offers, the higher the possibility of applying for a scholarship ”.

What does application documents for scholarships include?
In addition, to stand out among thousands of candidates applying for and holding a valuable scholarship, students need to prepare the best scholarship application. Application documents for scholarships when applying to each country or university may have different points.

For those who intend to study in the US, the scholarship application includes the following documents:

– IELTS or TOEFL Certificate

– SAT scores (sent online or via college board – website for registration of the SAT)

– Essay articles by topic:

When applying for a scholarship, universities in the US will require to write their main essay. The topic of the main essay can be the topics suggested by searching the keyword Common Application Essay Prompts, or the subject of your choice. Usually, key essays will clearly show the candidate’s personality and qualities.

However, in addition to the main essay, schools may request additional essays. The sub-essay’s topic is usually chosen by the schools.

– CV: Huyen Trang emphasizes, a CV should have extracurricular activities and clearly state the role and time participating in extracurricular activities. If not a person with outstanding academic results, Huyen Trang advises students to actively participate in extracurricular activities, helping the community to hone other skills. American universities appreciate students participating in sports, cultural and social activities because they think that such a person can be a leader or contribute to the community in the future.

– A proof of funds.

– 3 recommendation letters from the teachers.

When you apply for an American scholarship, it’s indispensable to know
Depending on the admission time of each school (Spring or Fall), students need to choose the appropriate time to submit their application. In it, you cannot ignore This is a website that helps candidates to apply for scholarships to universities without charge and is applicable to many universities in the US.

Usually, each university will require applicants to pay a fee of between $ 30 – $ 70 when applying. But if using, the candidate will not pay this fee. Thus, for example, if the students submit 10 dossiers and submit through this website, you will save money up to $ 700. has its own system for students and teachers. Teachers with accounts on can write letters of recommendation to their students.

However, with some schools that do not apply the application on, candidates are required to submit applications by mail, Xuanzang’s advice is to use DHL’s courier service.

Notes to save time and money on the SAT exam
For those who intend to study abroad in the US, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a mandatory requirement. Therefore, you need to track exam time on the website In Vietnam, the SAT exam is held 3-4 times a year in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Huyen Trang also makes a note to help students save time and money on the SAT. She emphasized: “Students need to register for the SAT exam 2 months before the exam officially starts. If the registration is late, a candidate in Hanoi may have to fly to Ho Chi Minh City to take the exam because of the lack of seats.”

In short, in order to achieve the scholarship, competition is not only between candidates between countries but also between candidates across continents. Therefore, it is quite common to fail in the first scholarship applications. However, from another angle, this is the motivation for the students to improve themselves and meet the scholarship criteria.

There are also times when he wants to give up under the pressure of gaining a study abroad scholarship. But each time, Huyen Trang told himself: “If there is the shortest path to success, then that road is called perseverance.”

Hopefully, the precious and sincere experiences from Huyen Trang will bring more motivation to the students’ dreams of studying abroad. Good luck!


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