The official national high school exam schedule 2020, from August 8th to 11th

The Ministry of Education and Training has decided to reverse the time to hold the national high school exam from August 8th to 11th. The end of the school year is backdated to July 15.

On the morning of March 13, 2020, the Ministry of Education and Training has sent a letter to the Chairman of the People’s Committee of provinces and cities under the Central Government on the adjustment of the time frame for the school year 2019 – 2020 (the second time). Thus, the Ministry of Education and Training decided the time of national high school exam this year took place from August 8th to 11th. The end of the school year was pushed back to July 15 due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Previously, the Ministry of Education and Training developed a draft adjustment of the school year plan in the direction of undoing and taking the national high school exam at the end of July. Along with that, the time to register for the exam, admission to the University will also change. The Ministry of Education and Training will issue specific guidelines on this content.

It is known that the Ministry of Education and Training only guides changes in the school year timeframe. Localities base on it to develop teaching plans to compensate their local students in the most appropriate and effective way. The principle is to teach the full duration of the program as prescribed, ensuring sufficient knowledge for students.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, in addition to reversing the time of organization, the national high school exam 2020 basically remains stable as in 2019. Specifically, the exam aims to accurately assess the student’s academic performance after 12 years of studying at the general education level, ensuring the results of honest, objective, proper assessment of student qualifications, reliability and differentiation for recognition of high school graduation for candidates.

At the same time, as an information provider to assess the quality of education, adjust teaching processes to improve the quality of teaching in schools; act as an admission institution for higher education and vocational education in the spirit of enrollment autonomy as stipulated in the Law on amendments and supplements to some provisions of the Law on Higher Education.

It is known that this year the Ministry of Education and Training did not publish the exam illustrated for the national high school exam.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, the material for candidates to refer to in the best review orientation is the official exam and the reference of the high school exam in 2019 has been announced by the Ministry.

However, it is only the orientation of the format and structure of the exam, the content of the exam in 2020 may still be exploited in those knowledge units or other knowledge units belonging to the topics according to the structure of the above-mentioned exam topics.

In other words, the difficulty rate of the question levels in the exam is unchanged but can be exploited in different knowledge units in the topics according to the structure of the official national high school exam in 2019.

In order to review the exam well, according to Dr. Ai Cong Hong, Deputy Director General of the Department of Secondary Education (MOET), candidates must first have a firm grasp of the basic knowledge, because the questions belonging to the basic knowledge group will account for a large proportion of the total number of questions in the test.

When taking the test, you should do it from the top, as the difficulty of the group of questions will increase gradually. Completing the basic questions will make them more confident and excited.

If you fall into difficult questions, it will be easy to fall into confusion, anxiety, loss of control about the time to take the test.

Up to this point, candidates should review and systematize the basic knowledge of the high school program, focusing mainly on the content of the 12th grade program.

Teachers need to analyze the format and structure of official exams, reference topics of high school exams in 2019.

In particular, the organization reviewed and strengthened the contents of inherited knowledge of grades 10 and 11 to help them in the process of new knowledge formation and revision to master the basic knowledge of grade 12.

It is recommended to advise or organize for test students to familiarize students with the structure of the exam, how to take the exam, practice the psychology of the exam for them.

The test topics when building should be based on the structure of reference exams and official exams in the national high school exam in 2019.

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