The official back-to-school timeline and information to prepare for the school year 2020-2021

Dear Parents,

Greenfield School would like to send greetings and best wishes to parents and families. We would like to thank Parents and students for their trust and choice to accompany Greenfield School in the 2020-2021 school year.

This school year, in the face of the impact of Covid-19, to ensure the maximum health and safety of students and staff and staff as well as to have the best plan to prepare, School Board The school has considered adjusting the back-to-school schedule. For the first day of school activities to run smoothly, Greenfield School would like to send parents some information as follows:

1. The official back-to-school time for the 2020-2021 school year:
Adjust the back-to-school time from September 3, 2020 (as announced previously) to September 4, 2020 (for Primary School) and September 5, 2020 (for Secondary Schools). The start and start times will be held on the same day as the following schedule:

For Primary School:

For Secondary and High School:

2. Some information Parents should note before the first day of school – school starts:
– On the first day of school – school starts, Parents of Year 1 give their child breakfast at home and take them to school by themselves. Students in the remaining grades ride the bus and eat breakfast according to the standard school registration.

– About uniforms: Students wear uniforms according to regulations. Students who have not yet registered or have received a uniform. We encourage them to wear white shirts, dark pants / skirts.

– Students participate in activities at school by specified time. In the afternoon, the bus will drop off students at points according to the registered route. For questions about the bus route, please contact 0976.080.683 (Mr. Nguyen Vinh Nguyen) for answers. For the students who do not use the school bus, they will move home by themselves or the parents actively pick up.

– Other information about books, materials, learning tools, time and activities to remember… will be sent to Parents via Email, SMS or the Head Teacher in the next notices.

3. To set up a Steering Committee for the prevention and fight against diseases Covid-19 in the school year 2020-2021
Up to now, although the province has not recorded cases of Covid-19, the fact that Hanoi has a positive case and the zoning of suspected isolation infection will also greatly affect the epidemic prevention process. and the activities of the surrounding schools are closely related to Hanoi such as the Ecopark area.

Therefore, in the past few days, the school has actively built plans for epidemic prevention; issuing strict procedures; Disseminate and train the entire staff, with the goal of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the students returning to school while creating an exciting learning atmosphere from the beginning. school year.

Along with that, in order to further improve the epidemic prevention and control activities, the school has decided to establish a Steering Committee for the prevention and fight against epidemics Covid-19 in the school year 2020 – 2021. Parents see the Decision HERE.

4. Plan for implementing the teaching and learning plan for the new school year 2020-2021
From September 7, 2020 to the time depending on the actual situation of disease developments, the Ministry of Education and the Provincial People’s Committee shall stipulate:

Option 1: Conditions allow direct study at the school
In case the disease is controlled and the Provincial People’s Committee and the Department of Education and Training allow it, all students in grades 1 – 12 will start the new school year directly at the school as usual. The school complies with and implements measures to prevent and prevent epidemics as much as possible to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for students.

Option 2: Conditions do not allow direct study at the school
In the event that the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated, and as directed by the authorities, the School will implement the combined teaching and learning plan directly and online.

Depending on the actual situation, the school will notify parents of the official study plan at the latest on Monday, September 1, 2020.

To collect complete and accurate information, from which to prepare for the best online learning plan for students, please conduct a survey of the status of online learning equipment HERE and complete by September 3, 2020.

5. Coordination between Parents and the School in the implementation of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control
In order to ensure the safety and quality of education for students, the School looks forward to receiving the attention and coordination of parents in implementing measures to prevent and control epidemics for their children.

Please see the Statement of Commitment to the implementation of Covid-19 epidemic prevention measures HERE and adhere to, well implement measures to ensure the health of students and the community.

The school will send the Statement to Parents on the day their children return – start. Parents sign the Agreement and return it to the Head Teacher. The homeroom teacher will send it back to the School’s Steering Committee for Covid epidemic prevention and control.

The above information is to help parents prepare their children best before the first day of school of the new school year. We hope that you actively accompany the School for the success of the 2020-2021 school year!

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions and Customer Care Department directly at the call center 024.7309. 3939 (branch no.1) or Email:

We would like to thank you parents and best wishes parents and students health and peace!

Greenfield School

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