The Greenfield Grant Scholarship: When dreams are filled with wings and inspired

After a careful and objective evaluation, The Greenfield Grant Scholarship Review Board has selected 33 best students who are the most suitable ones to the scholarship’s criteria.

As an educational system operating with the mission of establishing a happy school where students are loved, cared for and comprehensively developed, Greenfield School not only educates knowledge but also focuses on exploring and fostering cultivate and develop each student’s unique potential.

In the school year 2020-2021, Greenfield School implemented a large number of merit-based financial aid packages. In particular, Greenfield School plans to offer a maximum of 150 scholarships (50 scholarships worth 15% and 100 scholarships worth 10% of the tuition fee of the whole school year) to students in Grades 1 – 12 with high achievements as well as make a mark in academic and gifted competitions at school, district, city, national and international levels.

After nearly 3 months since its launch with 2 rounds of registration and careful review, The Greenfield Grant Scholarship has found 33 outstanding faces who are the most suitable ones with the scholarship’s criteria.

Mr. Brendan Paul O’Flaherty – Greenfield School Senior Principal, Chairman of the Scholarship Review Council shared: “The first time implementing The Greenfield Grant Scholarship, I was really surprised that this attracted many excellent individuals. With valuable scholarships, children not only receive partial financial support but also gain motivation to strive. I believe that as long as they are provided with conditions for development, they will definitely make a breakthrough in the future and their dreams will come true ”.

At the Opening Ceremony of the school year 2020-2021 held on September 4 & 5, 2020, the representative of the School Board presented the Certificate to the students who received the Greenfield Grant Scholarship. In addition, at the Parents Meeting at the beginning of the year, the children and their relatives joined to sign for the scholarship. Mixed joy is pride, emotion when the children receive love, encouragement and encouragement from everyone.

Dao Thu Ha (12A1), one of the students receiving a scholarship of 15% of the tuition fee for the school year 2020-2021 could not hide his joy and surprise: “I don’t expect too much either as I don’t think I am outstanding enough and other competitors have too many great achievements. However, I still try to give myself a chance. When I learned that I had won the school’s scholarship, I was a bit surprised but also very happy that my efforts during the past years were recognized. I also told myself that I need to work harder to prove to everyone that a Vietnamese student can become a global citizen, a leader in the new era right here. my hometown”.

The Greenfield Grant Scholarship for students is a gift of encouragement, timely and practical encouragement for their efforts and hard work in learning and activities. At the same time, through this program, we hope that this will be a source of motivation for our children to strive and more importantly, create joy for their children to strive during their studies at Greenfield School.

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