The Green City I Love – Anyone including you can transform the World!

A great opportunity is opening up for Greenfield students when participating in “The Green city I love” – ​​writing their dreams about the future Green City. This is the time for you to “burst” your creativity and affirm your character with DTD Greenfield.

The wave “Go green” – Living greener and living happier have created a big echo in recent times. #Green_living, #Love_environment, #developed_ city, these hashtags have recently become a beautiful and meaningful trend that young generations join forces to create and spread around the world.

Are you a lover of the environment, do you have a minimalist lifestyle and understand what green living means? Do you want all of us to build a healthy lifestyle together?

Have you ever imagined living in your dreaming city where has no climate change and no environmental pollution, economic development and especially always fairness?

This contest is exactly what you need to spread meaningful environmental messages as well as great ideas to improve the world in the future. “The Green City Love” – ​​a contest held by Greenfield to create a playground for students to be creative with their nibs. Moreover, this is the time for you to affirm your love for green cities and towards a sustainable and dynamic city.

Please don’t miss your chance to register!

With a total prize value of award up to millions of VND and other attractive gifts, The Green City I Love will definitely be an interesting contest attracting the “green” spirit. Let’s start with The Green City I Love.

1 / Participants:
Greenfield students in grades 3-8.

2 / Contest content:
Content: As a global citizen, write a short letter in English to the Mayor (President) of any city in the world or a green city that you imagine yourself. out to express your love for that place. Besides, please explain why the city should become a sustainable city.


Students compose letter in Word / Powerpoint / Image (JPEG) file formats.
Each letter has 3 to 4 paragraphs.

3 / Timeline:
Round 1: Qualifier (April 15 – April 29)

Candidates submit their entries to the Organizing Committee before April 29, 2020.
The organizers will select about 20-30 excellent songs to enter the next round.
Candidates can email the contest to
Email subject: “The Green city I love”
Content: Name, class, 01 portrait photo of you, 02-03 pictures of your favorite city

Round 2: Online voting (May 8 – May 15) (Extend 2 days, the former schedule is May 6 – May 13)

May 8 – May 15: Vote through likes & shares for each contestant’s entries on fanpage (Deadline voting: 10 PM on May 15, 2020)
The top 10 exams with the highest number of online votes will become the winner of the contest.
1 likes or positive emotional status: 1 point
1 share: 2 points (Note: only 1 share per account is calculated)

4 / Prize structure: TOP 10 EXCELLENT STUDENTS
Honoring the winner.
The winning city will be named for buildings at Greenfield School.
A family camping trip to Greenfield is worth up to VND 5,000,000.

5 / Regulations:
The Organizing Committee only recognizes entries that have not appeared in any contest and have not been used before.
Entries are in the sole discretion of the Organizing Committee and cannot be provided to third parties.
Note: The Organizer will cancel the result of the contest in violation of regulations and one of the following errors:

The content of the article is negative, wrong content, contrary to pure fine customs.
The content is duplicated with works that have been used in practice.
Contest entries that are detected using increasing share support tools will be canceled without the need to notify them again.
Quickly register to show off your talent at “The Green city I love” !!!

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