Entering First grade – an important turning point in a child’s life, marking a new developmental step for the baby. When a child enters first grade, being a parent can not help worry and wonder:

Which school is best for your child? Should choose public school, private school, specialized school or international school?
Should children learn more, learn before the program or not?
How can my child enjoy going to school without seeing it as a bond?
Will your child adapt and blend with his classmates?
These are the concerns and worries of most parents. Grade One is the knowledge foundation, so everyone knows that the “foundation” must be solid for the “upper floors” to be solid. Therefore, choosing a school for your child is the top factor. Public school or private school? Specialized school or international school? These are questions that parents always ask themselves and seek answers.

In fact, parents should choose a school near their home because it will be convenient for the activities of children and families, secondly, parents should learn about the school’s teachers, from expertise to teaching methods. Teaching, secondly is the facilities, … Choosing schools from each criterion will help parents have a more general view and help make more accurate choices.

During this school year, Greenfield School has developed a specialized learning pathway for Pre-elementary students with many new features. Here, you will be:

🎯 Experience at Vietnam’s greenest school with synchronous investment facilities designed by Kume Japan.

🎯 International learning environment and curriculum with 40% of the time studying with native English teachers

🎯 Development of comprehensive thinking and life skills: Science and technology (STEM Robotics), IQ (model of Mathematics Jenny USA), EQ (Crowd mastering skills with American / Danish teachers), Phat Physical development, understanding of public communication rituals and multinational environment through a series of learning – practical experience at the 5-star restaurant and golf course.

🎯 Developing sensory skills and visual arts

🎯 School-boarding service with 3 Separate principles: Study separately, Eat separately, Sleep separately

🎯 Car service is safe and convenient

16 lessons with each session is a combination of fun activities, knowledge discovery, skill practice, physical training, children will find grade 1 not scary but always excited and excited. go to school every day.

💥 Special offer for students who register before 12/12:
☑️ 10% discount on Big Club’s daily tuition
☑️ 5% discount on tuition fees for students whose siblings are studying at the school
☑️ All students enrolled in the club are entitled to # free of charge for the enrollment fee for the 2021-2022 school year worth 2,500,000 VND.
Students rated “Passed” after the course are admitted directly to the High Quality or Global Citizen Bilingual system grade 1.
☑️ Give this hoodies to the students who register
Please register today so that your children will have a good memory of their first day of class with careful preparation!
👉 For details, see: https://clbhanhtrangvaolop1.greenfield.edu.vn/

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