Summer Camp 2020 – Discover Me Summer Camp: Experience to find passion!

Summer is the time most expected by the students of the year. Since this is the time when students enjoy their wonderful holidays without being busy with their studies. However, more and more later, their summer vacation turned into a “third term”, with the commute and the packed schedule, just like the days in the school year.

However there is a summer course at Greenfield that every kid wants! Because studying does not mean hugging books!

This summer Greenfield cooperated with GPA Camps to organize English Summer Camp 2020. With the theme “The Unbeatable” (The Champion), the children will be raised awareness of risks and situations that can be dangerous. Through learning, playing, competition and networking, children will learn how to respond and react to ensure their own safety and protect everyone around them.

This year another special feature of Discover Me camp is the project that allow children to choose their favorite fields and participate in the whole week at summer camp. Students will be able to explore and challenge themselves with Science, Arts, Performance and Sports, to find a true passion and experience at the end of the camp.

At the GPA Camps summer camp, children will be active with high intensity, follow group discipline, learn from friends and volunteers as role models, and especially the guidance of the supervisors. summer camp governor many years of experience. Students will learn working principles and living styles according to international standards, thereby forming a civilized and responsible habit for themselves, their family and themselves.

We want them to access, practice and know how to cultivate the following essential qualities and skills: Healthy body – The ability to endure when completing difficult tasks. Literature – Understanding the world and empathy for people around them Different talents – Using talent for a great purpose Intellectual ability – The ability to think critically and solve problems Cross skills outstanding – The ability to overcome physical and mental challenges. Of course, summer camp is a time of relaxation, so Greenfield and GPA Camps do not forget about fun and exciting connection activities so that they can have can’t forget summer memories.


– Students from 7-14 years old


Phase 1: July 15, 2020 – July 31, 2020

Phase 2: July 21, 2020 – July 31, 2020

Phase 3: July 27, 2020 – July 31, 2020




Raising awareness of risky and dangerous situations to yourself and others Practicing situations handling skills and ensuring your safety Opportunities to exercise fitness, escape from the world of technology Activity dynamically explore 4 areas and the opportunity to deepen under optional projects Improve your reflexes and ability to communicate in English Explore your own abilities and discover passions.


GPA Summer Camp is designed according to the model and standards of the international summer camp (North American Summer Camp Association), meeting the content, organization and size criteria of the program. GPA is the FIRST member in Vietnam of ICF International Summer Camp Organization (more than 30 years of experience, recognized globally). Summer Camp directors are foreign experts with extensive experience in the field of Summer Camp GPA Summer Camp using 100% English. Children will naturally learn English through specific activities and contexts that are easier to memorize and progress faster. Prisoners are Vietnamese international students or foreigners that are highly trained. They are not only caregivers and guardians but also ideal role models for children to follow. The content of the summer camp focuses on the student’s experience, all activities are linked together in a unified content, bringing specific messages, not spontaneous and discrete.


Raising awareness about the risks and consequences of improper actions. Increase knowledge and skills of first aid and emergency response. Increase awareness of basic dangers and ways to protect yourself. Improve time management skills and responsibilities with your assets and items. Participate in Sports, Art, Science or Engineering to find your passion. Gain empathy with friends and people around you. Promote the exploration of talents and personal roles in a global context. Understand the individual values ​​and contributions of each member to the team’s overall goals.

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For further information about the course, please reach:


Telephone: 02462618651 (branch 100)

Greenfield School


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