Sự Kiện

Vietnamese Teacher Day

Địa điểm Greenfield School Campus
Thời gian 20/11/2020

20th November – Vietnamese Teachers’ Day; day for those who have been, are and will be on the task of planting people to look back, motivate each other and try themselves. Every day for each pupil to appreciate those who are every day, every hour of devotion on the podium, inspire and energize to help their children overcome difficulties, challenges and become more mature each day.
Today, in a warm and close atmosphere, Greenfield School’s teachers and students together sang songs about friendship, affection for teachers and students, and together recorded beautiful and memorable moments. There seems to be no distance between teachers and students, but like close friends, playing together and reviewing the memories of the traditional day.
The show has ended but perhaps the connection today will always be sustainable in the hearts of every member of the Greenfield School House! The stories are always being written, the love is always given, because this place is the enthusiasm and the sweat of people who have devoted their hearts to children.
On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, 20th November, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to all teachers and teachers of Greenfield School in particular and all the teachers across the country in general! We wish the teachers always full of enthusiasm and love to continue to inspire and inspire the next generation class.


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