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House Captains Election: Campaign phase + Election + Debut

Địa điểm Greenfield School Campus
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Our primary objective at Greenfield School is to provide a safe and education environment that inspires our students everyday. To reach this goal our students, faculty, and staff need a way to connect with each other, invest in each other, and share in powerful moments together. We need to foster a love and respect for Greenfield School among the students and teachers alike, by creating connections that bind everyone to a common purpose. One way to build these bonds is by implementing a schoolwide House System.
Consequently, in order to officilaize the House system, we start off with the House Captains election for Grade 12 students, who are considered to be the most mature at school. The nominees are nominated by their fellows and have been through a very competitive process of calling for votes. All 17 nominees are very enthusiastic to stand on stage and prodly delivere their 2-minute speech about why they should be elected. In those 2 minutes, they truly show all the students their personalities, their strenghs and their expectations as the senior students. Although the speeches are short, the messages are clearly sent and we believe this was such an occasion to illustrate the color of students at Greenfield School.


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