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Địa điểm Greenfield School Campus
Thời gian 30/10/2020

The beginning of Halloween is a classroom decoration activity. This is an annual activity for Greenfield students every Halloween season, but it is always an activity that Buckies looks forward to every year.
The ingenuity of the students, along with the enthusiastic support of parents and teachers, has turned the classroom into magical Halloween spaces, making each class even more exciting.
On October 30 and 31, more than 2500 Greenfield School’s 2,500 Buckies were immersed in the yellow of pumpkins, the mysterious color of witches’ costumes in one of the most anticipated events of October: Harvest Halloween – Halloween Festival .
With the ingenious guidance of the beautiful “Snow Princess”, the kids are immersed in the world of demons, demons or angels through elaborate performances: Catwalk Contest performing unique makeup works, making the “child audiences” gasp whenever models appear on stage; top The best talent shows did not let us down when each performance is one color, extremely impressive and sophisticated. “


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