At Greenfield, we pride ourselves on a team of Vietnamese and foreign teachers and staff who are solid professionally, passionate about students and constantly creative.


Dr. Brendan O’Flaherty
senior principal

He is a Doctor in Education Research and has a Master’s degree in Language, both earned in the United Kingdom. He spent more than 30 years leading top educational institutions around the world in the roles of Senior Principal and Academic Director. He is dedicated to ensuring excellent academic quality and an inspiring educational environment for Greenfield School.

Mr. Pham Truong Luu

He especially pays attention to ensuring the academic quality of all subjects; at the same time meeting the needs of each student. His philosophy is that the educational environment is not only a place to teach students knowledge, but more importantly, it also teaches them humanities lessons.

Ms. Tara Nadine Maybanks
Vice Principal of Greenfield International Program

She is an experienced education leader at top international schools in Vietnam. Her educational philosophy is to build a community where students are fostered and supported to become future world leaders.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Dung
Vice Principal, Academic Head of Primary MOET Progam

She has a degree in Education Management and has extensive leadership experience over the last 30 years. She was an honorable Inspector of Nam Tu Liem Ministry of Education for many years. She came to Greenfield School with a dedicated belief in the values of caring, integrity, and perseverance.

Mr. Hoang Dinh Thanh
Vice Principal, Academic Head of Secondary – High School MOET Program

He has a Master degree in Language and was an engaging Head of Social Science department for over 3 years. He is an enthusiastic educator and a kind-hearted leader whose goal is to prepare students to conquer the world with their profound knowledge and extraordinary confidence.

Mr. Thomas Manning Maybanks
Head of Global Citizen Bilingual Program Secondary – High Schools, Head of Student Experience

As an influencer of the student body, his goal is to prepare students to succeed in college prospects and future career plans.


Dedicated Education Advisors of Greenfield School is a convergence of talented, courageous and dedicated professionals. Global experiences, combined with expertise and practical experience in Vietnamese general education are the basis for the Board of school to determine the directions of development, to build programs, train staff and to look for international cooperation opportunities for Greenfield School.

Dr. Le Anh Vinh

  • PhD, Harvard University, USA
  • Master Degree, New South Wales University, Australia
  • Deputy Director, Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences.

Dr. Vu Thi Thanh Nha

  • PhD, New South Wales University, Australia
  • Dean, English Faculty, Foreign Language University – Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Ms. Vu Tuong Vi

  • Master Degree, Queensland University, Australia
  • Academic Director, Cambridge Program, Greenfield School
  • Former Head of English Teaching Department, Foreign Language University – Vietnam National University, Hanoi


Greenfield School’s teachers are professionally trained with solid skills. Our teachers are constantly learning new things to deliver exciting classes.