• The school provides boarding services for students at school. Modern facilities with “3 separation” features for the boarding program (study separately, eat separately, sleep separately).
  • The team of semi-boarding staff is carefully selected, regularly trained in school nutrition knowledge, children’s psychology, epidemiological knowledge,…to take care of the students most carefully.


  • Students study in classes with an average area of ​​50-70m2 / room for 30-35 students / class.
  • The classrooms are all well designed, soundproofed, full of natural light. Every detail in the classroom has been carefully researched: single tables and chairs that are easy to move, the classroom floor uses non-slip tiles, the steps ensure optimal step distance with standing handrails and handrails just within students’ reach


  • The lunch area is separated by grade level.
  • The menu is consulted and built by experts who are top nutritionists, ensuring a diverse menu, sufficient quality, delicious, suitable for the needs of each age.
  • Every day at school, the children will be cared for 04 meals with Primary students (Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, High tea) and 03 meals with High School students (Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon supper).
  • The Happy Friday Lunch Buffet program creates excitement for students every weekend lunch.


  • As one of the few schools that has its own nap area with full equipment: fan, air conditioner, blanket, sheet, pillow, mattress for the students.
  • The male and female students’ bedrooms are clearly separated in all blocks. Blankets, sheets, pillows and cushions are cleaned (industrial washing, drying) every Friday afternoon.
  • Each bedroom is managed by semi-boarding staff, ensuring that the children get enough sleep.


  • The school’s medical officer will give first aid to sick or injured students at school. If students are sick or seriously injured, the school will notify the student’s parent or guardian to take them home, to the designated family doctor or a nearest hospital.
  • If the school fails to reach the student’s parent or guardian, the designated contact person will be notified in case of an emergency.

Periodic health check-up

The school will combine with prestigious medical organizations in Hanoi to organize periodic health check-up for students at the beginning of the school year. Hence common diseases at school such as nearsightedness, scoliosis, cardiovascular, tuberculosis, goiter and other diseases another family could be early detected.

Health Insurance

The school organizes the registration of compulsory health insurance for students according to regulations. In case parents have purchased insurance for the student before, parents need to provide a copy of the insurance card for the school to manage.

Regulations to send drugs

When parents need to send medicines for their children to use at school, the following steps should be taken:

Step 1: Submit the medication registration form at the school. Download form HERE.

Step 2: Submit the registration form to the home teachers, the Health Department will make and keep a record of drug use at the school as prescribed.