Invitation letter to join the online seminar: “Understand your child in grade 1”

Dear Parents,

Entering grade 1 is seen as a big turning point, with decisive significance and a start for a long-term learning process in the future. During this period, parents will play an important role in helping children erase initial surprises and experience a truly happy educational environment instead of the invisible pressure from day to day. .

The seminar “Understand your child in grade 1” organized by Greenfield School for parents whose children are in grade 1 will bring useful and interesting information, helping parents to have more knowledge and knowledge. skills are needed to confidently overcome this important turning point.

The Workshop was the participation of Greenfield School School Leaders with many years of experience in accompanying, advising and supporting the development path of many generations of students.

Time: 10:30 – 11:30, Saturday, October 3, 2020

Form: Online on Google Meet platform

Target audience: For parents of students whose children are in grade 1.

Workshop content:

  • Information about the book “Connecting knowledge with life” and the benefits of choosing the series.
  • Information about 03 programs of Greenfield School.
  • The cooperation between Home and School in accompanying students.
  • Answering questions of students’ parents about the education work of the School.

Greenfield School would like to invite interested parents to register to participate in the seminar program by phone number 0911.008.567 / 024.7309.3939 (press #1) or register online HERE.

It is our pleasure to welcome you!

Best Regards,

Greenfield School

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