Announcement RE: Regulations on accepting gifts of Greenfield School Teachers and Staff

Dear Parents,

With the goal of building a transparent, integrity educational environment that honors the noble values ​​of teachers and takes the progress, success of students as the most meaningful gift, over the years, Greenfield School has built and implemented a “no-envelope culture and gift” at school.

Accordingly, the regulations for officers and employees as well as in the Greenfield School Parent Handbook clearly state: Officers and staff do not receive envelopes in any form or any time. During the holidays, New Year, officers and staff only receive flowers, greeting cards from parents and students. Officers and staff will not accept gifts, except for gifts made by Students or Parents.

Based on the actual conditions in the implementation of the regulations in the past time, and at the same time to completely relieve the psychological insecurity and worry that students are not being cared about, and treated equally if parents do not Giving gifts to teachers and teachers, Greenfield School decided to adjust the Regulations on accepting gifts of staff as follows:

  • Teachers, Staff are strictly prohibited from receiving gifts from students and parents that are cash or cash-equivalent (envelope, voucher, bank transfer,…) under any amount.
  • With souvenirs, greeting cards, handmade products that student make or an individual present : Teachers and Staff cannot receive gifts that worth above 200.000VND
  • With souvenirs, greeting cards, handmade products that student make or a group of students present : Teachers and Staff cannot receive gifts that worth above 500.000VND
  • With souvenirs from a group of parents: Teachers and Staff are not allowed to accept under any circumstances.
  • With gifts are flower bouquets/ flower baskets from students or a group of parents: Teachers, Staff are allowed to receive flower/ flower bouquet on certain events, Tet or anniversary with gratitude purposes and rewarding the effort as well as contributions of Staff, Teachers.

This regulation applies to all officers, employees working under all forms of labor contracts with the University, including officers, full-time employees, part-time workers, probationary. or an intern.

Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20th) and the Vietnam Teachers’ Day (November 20th) are approaching. Greenfield School hopes that parents will share the views of the School and strictly follow the regulations so as not to cause difficulties for the School Officers and Staff; At the same time, it contributes to building a humane educational environment, honoring the true educational values ​​of teachers for students.

Best regards,

Greenfield School

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