Annoucement Re: About the final phase of uniform selling in 2020

Dear parents,

Greenfield School would like to send you the information about the final phase of uniform selling in 2020 as following:

1. Form of sale:

Uniforms will be sold directly at school. If parents would like to buy uniforms for your children, please come to the 1st level of A Building.

2. Selling schedule: 

To receive thoughtful reception, please come according to the uniform sales schedule applicable to all grades as following: 

  • On the weekdays: every afternoon from 13:30PM to 16:30PM starting from Friday (4th of December, 2020) until Wednesday (9th of December, 2020) 
  • Particularly on Saturday (5th of December, 2020) uniforms are sold in the morning: from 08:15AM to 11:30AM

3. List of uniforms: 

No Name  Price (VND)
1 Hoodie 170.000 – 190.000
2 Male suit jacket  600.000 – 680.000
3 Female suit jacket 600.000 – 680.000
4 PE shirt 135.000 – 180.000
5 Short sleeves polo shirt 130.000 – 150.000
6 Long sleeves polo shirt 150.000 – 170.000
7 Khaki pants 180.000 – 230.000
8 Shorts 145.000 – 155.000
9 PE shorts 120.000 – 150.000
10 PE long pants 185.000 – 235.000
11 Skirt 185.000 – 235.000

4. Guideline on purchasing:

To buy uniform, please follow the instruction below: 

  • Parents buy uniform directly at the Enrollment desk (1st level of A building) 

In case there is a need to try on, we have a fitting room for students. Once they find a proper size, parents may pay in cash or use bank transfer directly and receive the uniform on spot.

In case there is no need to try on, parents may pay in cash or use bank transfer directly and receive the uniform on spot.

  • Students buy uniform directly at the Enrollment desk (1st level of A building) 
  • Parents register with the Homeroom teachers to assist students with buying uniform:

Homeroom teachers assist students with fitting, submit the amount to the cashier or inform parents to transfer the amount by bank. Parents may also pay on the following day and receive the uniforms after the payment is made.

5. Changing/ returning uniform regulation:

– After receiving the uniform, please check the size and quality of it carefully.

– Only faulty uniforms made by the manufacturer are accepted to be returned and changing/ returning can take place after 03 days maximum. 

– Changed/ returned uniform must be in new and original condition with packaging, label and have not been washed/ used

– Please return/ change uniforms directly at the Enrollment and Customer Service Department. 

For all concerns about uniform, please contact Enrollment and Customer Service Department at the 1st level of A building or through telephone 024.7309.3939 (press #1) in office hours to receive support.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Best regards,

Greenfield School

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