Education is not preparation for life it is life itself.


To become the leading education system in Vietnam with international standards and a prestigious national and regional brand.


Establish happy schools where students are loved, cared for and develop comprehensively.


Excellence: We believe in the preeminence of human intelligence, in the eternal value of knowledge and the joy gained in the journey of conquering knowledge.

Integrity: We believe in sincerity, striving for children to understand and appreciate the value of integrity, fore rightness, ‘fair-play’ mindset and righteousness.

Community: We believe in the value of the collective, of the community where each of us lives and belongs. We value the sustainable sense of contributing and ‘giving’.

Perseverance: We believe success is the result of practice (or training). We encourage children to go beyond their limits, little by little they will gradually improve and become a better version of themselves.

Equality: We believe in the potential of each individual. All students are unique with their own individuality, disposition and aspirations, worthy of respect and encouragement to develop.