Dear valued parents,

The world we live in is rapidly changing everyday with surprises. I am sure most of us can hardly imagine the World in 10, 20 years from now when our students will become the main pillars of the society. However, one thing that I believe will continue to be true for many years is the value of knowledge and the dominance of the knowledge-based economy. In that World, the pioneers must be healthy, intellectual, accompanied by the ability to research, self-study and self-improve; at the same time rich in energy, kindness and an awareness of community contribution.

The program of Greenfield School emphasizes the skill set that we consider essential to the “Global Citizens” generation of the new era:

1. Having a good personality and enjoy happiness in life. Greenfield views that, in education, the first and foremost is to teach students the love of life, including the love for knowledge and the love for individuals around them. From the first days of establishment, we have called ourselves “Happy School” with the desire to create everyday at school a happy day. Every morning, when they wake up, they need to have the desire to get out of bed, have the eagerness to find, discover or do something meaningful. At the same time, learn how to yield, share and cooperate with friends, know how to express themselves and build sustainable relationships with other individuals in the community.

2. Broad knowledge: With the development of technology and new concepts such as automation, machine learning and robotics, memorizing and storing a lot of knowledge is no longer an optimal goal as previous generations. Instead, it is important for children to elicit access to a diverse range of aspects, from academic sciences to diverse fields of human civilization. It is the cradle for children to have a stable root, before going in search of a “narrow specialization” that they are passionate about.

3. Deep expertise: Every student with a unique mindset and personality needs to be listened to, understood and supported on the path of finding and asserting ego. DTD Greenfield is a big school, but small class sizes, along with an educational philosophy that emphasizes on building relationships in the student body and with every member of the school to ensure that every child receives attentive care, love and encouragement to develop in different ways. At Greenfield we believe that scientific knowledge is miraculous and fascinating, and the need to explore is a natural instinct in every child. Greek philosopher Aristotle said that “All men by nature desire knowledge”. The main role of the school is simply a perfect “catalyst”, helping to connect the child and knowledge through joy and passion for discovery.

Thank you, parents, for taking the time to consider Greenfield as a “friend” to accompany your child’s very important first intervals of life. Education itself is an industry that always needs constructive criticism and innovation to keep pace with the new era, even ahead of its time to prepare for the citizenship class of 10, 20 years from now. Greenfield Management team and I are always happy to welcome you at any time to share and improve the best educational solution for each of our little friends.

Best regards,

Brendan O’Flaherty – Senior Principal