Journey to Grade 1 – An important stepping stone to help your child confidently go to school

Entering grade 1, the important turning point in a child’s life, marks a new developmental step for the baby. When a child enters grade 1, parents can not help worry and wonder:

  • Which school is the best one for your child? Should parents choose a public school, a private school, a gifted school or an international school?
  • Should children study extra and study early before the official program?
  • How can parents make their children enjoy going to school without seeing it as coercion?
  • Will your child adapt and get along with his classmates?

Indeed, those are a series of concerns and worries of most parents. Grade 1 is a knowledge foundation. Everyone knows that the “foundation” must be solid for the “upper floors” to be solid. Therefore, choosing a school for your child is the top factor. A public school or a private school? A gifted school or An international school? These are questions that parents always ask themselves and seek answers.

In fact, parents should choose a school near their house because it will be convenient for children’s activities. Secondly, parents should learn about the school’s teachers, from expertise to teaching methods. Thirdly, facilities are considered when choosing schools. These criteria will help parents have a more general view and help make the right decisions.

During this school year, Greenfield School has developed a specialized learning pathway for Pre-primary students with many new features. At school, students will:

🎯 Experience at the greenest school in Vietnam with synchronized investment facilities designed by Kume Japan.

🎯 Join the international learning environment and curriculum with 40% of the time studying with native English teachers.

🎯 Develop comprehensive thinking and life skills: Science and Technology (STEM Robotics), IQ (model of Mathematics Jenny USA), EQ (Crowd mastering skills with American / Danish teachers), Physical Education development, understanding of public communication rituals and the multinational environment through a series of learning – practical experience at the 5-star restaurant and golf course.

🎯 Develop sensory skills and visual arts.

🎯 Utilize boarding services with 3 separate principles: Study separately, Eat separately, Sleep separately.

🎯 Utilize a safe and convenient shuttle bus service.

16 lessons with each session are a combination of fun activities, knowledge discovery, skills practice, physical training. Children will find grade 1 not scary but always excited and eager when they go to school every day.

Please register today so that your children will have a good memory of their first day of class with careful preparation!
👉 For further details, please click here:

To have a deep insight into this program, exchange and listen to advice from educational experts, parents are invited to register for the Workshop “Growing up every day” hosted by Greenfield on November 6, 2020 and November 28, 2020.

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