From the early days of drawing the first render, KUME design consultant (Japan) asked us the question “What is the design principle that Greenfield commits and will ‘never compromise’? With Greenfield, all design solutions must first create a comfortable space for students to live and study from the airy and hygienic atmosphere. From temperature, sound, light and environment to materials, specifications, dimensions of tables and chairs, space layout must be suitable to the physique and vision of students of each age.

KUME’s solution is completely conquered by the green color, in harmony with the overall architecture of the whole greenest Eco-friendly area in Northern Vietnam, Ecopark. The unique teardrop-shaped architecture is the pride of Greenfield. “The school never gets wet by the rain” with a covered dome system linking building blocks, the connecting path between buildings to allow students to explore every hour of playtime.

Greenfield School appearance from the view of Ecopark Urban Area.

Unique teardrop-shaped architecture, linked between buildings by a system of dome lines with roofs.

The arch system makes it easy for students to move between the school buildings in different weather conditions.

The campus is covered with green trees year round, bringing fresh air.

The buildings are of moderate height, ensuring maximum safety for students.

Hand wash sinks are arranged around the campus, helping students to easily clean after participating in activities.

A football field has dimensions of 40m x 60m, meeting FIFA standards for a 7-person football field. The pitch is covered with artificial grass according to international standards

An outdoor basketball court serves major sports activities and the school club.

Around the football field, more than 15 fitness equipment for all ages are installed, along with the sand field play area with a continuous game system on the smooth sand, which is the most popular place during PE time and break time for students.

Students study in classes with an average area of ​​50-70m2/room for 30-35 students/class. Classes are with cool design, soundproof, ceiling flooded with natural light.

Smartly designed, easy-to-move single tables and chairs, classroom floors using nonslip tiles, optimal safety solutions on every step.

All classes are equipped with computer systems, projectors and auxiliary teaching equipment, convenient for “project learning models”, “reverse classroom models”, “theater models” for students and teachers.

Laboratory Room

Cambridge International Standard Laboratory using chemical resistant materials imported from Europe, serving STEAM lessons for students.

Robotics Room

The Informatic Room is fully equipped with facilities to fully meet the learning needs of students at the school.

Robotics Room

Robotic Room is designed with standard from 30-35 students in classrooms with an area of ​​60 – 70m2. Classes are equipped with personal tablets for lessons.

Dance/ Aerobic Room

Dance room has an area of ​​nearly 100m2 with glass mirror system, wooden floor and modern sound system.

Music Room

Room is equipped with 30 digital pianos to help students develop artistic talents.

Art Room

Art Room with creative design space, fully equipped with learning materials and resources for the subject.


Modern library with a variety of reference books corresponding to each subject. The seats are flexibly arranged, serving a variety of needs of students and staff.

Nurse Room

Nurse room with full and modern equipment and medical staff regularly respond to first aid as well as comprehensive health care for students.

Multi-purpose Sports Stadium

Built and designed according to the consultation of the Professional Sports Association with an area of ​​500m2, a capacity of 900 people. The multi-purpose sports hall is also the venue for student events.


Greenfield has separated the cafeteria zone. The dining area is separated by school level. One-way kitchen process to ensure food safety and hygiene.

Nap Room

Greenfield is one of the few schools that has its own nap room with full equipment: blankets, sheets, pillows, mattresses, air conditioners, fans, glass doors to ensure warmth in the winter, cool in the summer season. Blankets, sheets, pillows, mattresses are industrially washed and dried every Friday afternoon.

Creative Experience Center provides students with an open, modern, dynamic and inspired space that helps promote their creative thinking ability. This place is a place for students to freely study, do projects, have group discussions, read books, have fun …, and at the same time create interaction and connection between students and teachers.

Main hall on the first level of A building. This is an area where students relax after class and is also the place to exhibit students’ projects and works.

The spacious, hourly-cleaned school aisles are covered with colorful flowers all year round.

The toilet is clean, sanitized regularly.