Happy Day – The most anticipated event of July at Greenfield School

We believe that each child has his own values, individuality, unique ‘colors’.

❤️ A happy school will be a place where students are respected, facilitated and supported as much as possible to develop themselves, thereby helping them to be confident and show their talents and develop their talents. At a happy school, you will be confident to be yourself.

❤️ A happy school is also a place where children are cared for with full of love. Therefore you understand and practice daily gratitude.

❤️ And with a happy, grateful and respected school are things that your child is welcome and practiced regularly so that every day at school is happy days.

With the aim of bringing a joyful, meaningful, and memorable festival for students and parents, strengthening the connection between home and school, between parents and children, Greenfield School “Happy Day” event – Happy day, where children express their gratitude to teachers, the school after a year of school, where each child is confident and proud to show their own ‘color’ It will also be a great opportunity for parents to better understand their child’s 2nd home; the students are more proud of the happy school in which they live and study.

  • Time: 7:30 – 12:00, July 12, 2020
  • Venue: Greenfield School campus
  • Participants: Open to students, Greenfield’s parents and residents of Ecopark
  • Admission ticket: Free of charge

Greenfield School

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