Greenfield implements the Global Citizen Bilingual Pathway from the school year 2020-2021

Good English, fully equipped with knowledge, skills and understanding of the world to be ready to integrate – that is the goal that  Greenfield sets when launching the Global Citizen Bilingual pathway in the school year 2020 – 2021.

Global Citizens – the trend of the future world

If we look back at the world of yesterday, we will realize how fast the world today is changing. In the flow of time, every nation or nation is gradually merging into one, creating a “flat world” where each individual is an important link in the development of mankind.

And “Global Citizen” (Global Citizen), the concept of individuals who are able to adapt to all environments, live and work in different countries, cross boundaries of space, culture and language – has become a new trend of the future.

To catch up with the world, the formation of the generation of “global citizens” plays a crucial role. In reality, however, becoming a “global citizen” is not easy.

“Global citizens” are not only proficient in foreign languages, able to use technology, but also must be equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. Besides, “global citizens” must be aware of the environment, surrounding community and grasp the world situation.

Therefore, the passport of honor “global citizen” not only requires the effort on the whole journey of personal fulfillment of each individual but throughout that journey, the way of education of the school also has an enormous impact on a child’s future.

If the educational measure in the past focused on knowledge and scores, nowadays, according to the flow of the times, education should get rid of that trail thinking. Students need to be equipped with overall knowledge, skills, thinking capacity, leadership ability and want to contribute to help society to prepare luggage to enter the world.

Greenfield accompanies the Vietnamese young generation on the way to international integration

Established in 2012, Greenfield School (Ecopark Urban Area) soon had its own direction in training and fostering true global citizens for generations of students in Vietnam on the way to international integration.

After many years of cherishing, from the 2020-2021 school year, Greenfield officially implemented the Global Citizen Bilingual Pathway at 3 levels (Primary, Secondary and High School) with a certain number of blocks, in parallel with the High Quality pathway, Cambridge is being taught at the school.

Notably, the Global Citizen Bilingual Pathway built and developed by Greenfield will be led directly by Mr. Paul M Breitenstein (Head of Global Citizen Bilingual Pathway at Primary School level) and Thomas Maybanks ( Head of Global Citizen Bilingual Pathway at Secondary School level), who are leading experts in international education, with many years of experience teaching in different countries around the world.

Mr. Paul M Breitenstein (Head of Global Citizenship Bilingual Pathway at Primary School level) said: “The Global Citizens Bilingual Pathway has built a liberal education foundation that paves the way for success in the era of technology 4.0. The program is oriented towards an educational model that provides individuals with a background of knowledge and the ability to perceive human values ​​and skills to help students transition in any environment. Students will have access to many fields to support their ability to study, work and adapt better in the age of global integration. Although experience in international standard format education; however, the cost is only equivalent to the domestic tuition fee.”

Compared with the traditional learning model, Global Citizen Bilingual Program at Greenfield has many differences:

English – Vietnamese bilingual program

In terms of content, the Global Citizenship Bilingual Pathway is a combination of the national education program (MOET) (enhancing Mathematics (+ 90%), Vietnamese / Literature (+ 90%) and English (+ 450%) with the program Sports – Gifted – Extracurricular activities in Advanced English and Exam Preparation for International Standardized Certificate (IELTS). In particular, the English program is enhanced from 17 periods/week with 70% of the time with foreign teachers.

The parallel combination between the two Vietnamese – English programs will help students develop comprehensively in their minds, train their thinking abilities, create and form the habit of using English in the most natural way.

Comprehensively develop intellect, physics, skills and talents

In addition to the common subjects under the National Education Program (MOET), students will experience Communication – Thinking – Creativity in an English environment with foreign teachers (30% of the full time of the course) through the following subjects: Sports, Gifted, Extracurricular Activities, Clubs, Life skills, Integration skills including Making public presentations, analyzing data, critical thinking helping to expand World Citizenship and Leadership Skills (Leadership) of 21st Century Global Citizens.

In particular, Greenfield is the only school in Vietnam to introduce TOK (The Origin of Knowledge) into teaching students right from grade 1. The course is taught in English with 4 focus topics:

Self-awareness: Learn to esteem your values, confidently pursue your dreams and actively handle difficult life situations.

Social knowledge: Learn and update the innovation and development trends of the society to confidently integrate with the era of technology integration 4.0.

Protecting the Earth: Joining hands in building plans to protect the environment and the Earth. Understanding the meaning of the “Sustainable Development Goals” which are recommended by the United Nations Association (UN).

Global Perspective: Understanding the global opportunity through understanding issues of the world. Becoming a confident, knowledgeable, creative and compassionate global citizen.

4 core topics of the subject “Origin of knowledge”

Hence, students will be trained in searching for information, logical thinking and argument skills to gradually form themselves a sharp argument, a diverse worldview and confidence in the challenges of life.

Open the door for students intending to study abroad

In order to help students get the most steady steps toward the gate of leading universities in the world, Greenfield focuses on investing in IELTS Standardized International Certificate Exam Preparation. With this “Global Passport”, students could confidently apply for admission to the University System in developed countries (USA, UK, Australia, Canada and so on) or top universities. Head of Vietnam (National Economics University, Polytechnic, Foreign Trade University, RMIT, BUV and so on)

In addition, students are also advised to select, build study plans in developed countries and develop strategies and a roadmap for preparing applications or applying for scholarships (SAT Test, Lesson Comment, Profile, Community Activities, Sports Achievement, Gifted and so on).

With the outstanding differences of the Global Citizen Bilingual Pathway, Greenfield is completely confident in its ability to successfully implement the program in the school year 2020-2021 and the next ones.

Greenfield opens the door to welcome future young generations of Vietnam to the global integration learning path, becoming a “global citizen” in the spirit of the 4.0 era. For detailed admission information, please refer to

Note: The number of quotas is limited. First come, first served!

Address: Rung Co Road – Ecopark urban area
Telephone: 0911.008.567 / 024 6261 8651 (Ext 111)

Greenfield School

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