Greenfield alumni shine in America

At St. Lawrence Seminary, the new school, Do Quang Kiet’s GPA is always in the excellent group of the class. With his outstanding achievements, Quang Kiet was honored by the school and continued to provide scholarships for the second year.

After completing secondary school at Greenfield School, Do Quang Kiet (9A3 alumnus, the school year 2018 – 2019) transferred to study at St. John’s High School. Lawrence Seminary – a prestigious Catholic boarding school for boys in Mount Calvary, Wisconsin, USA and successfully won a scholarship of 16,000 USD (about 400 million VND) for the first year of study at the school with a long history.

Do Quang Kiet (alumnus of grade 9A3, the school year 2018 – 2019)

After 1 year of integrating into the new learning environment, Quang Kiet quickly showed his outstanding bravery and ability. In 4 quarters, Quang Kiet’s GPA (Grade Point Average) was always in the excellent group of the class. In particular, in the last semester, I got a perfect score of 4.0 / 4.0. With his outstanding achievements, Quang Kiet has been awarded by St. John’s High School. Lawrence Seminary honors and continues to grant a scholarship for the second year. What a sweet achievement after the first year of study!

Not only possessing impressive academic achievements, but Quang Kiet is also active in extracurricular activities. The talented student is an active member of the Math Team, Speech team, Football team and the Band. He also spends time playing BINGO with the elderly, distributing food to homeless people while studying and living in the USA.

Quang Kiet (top row, 4th from left) is an active member of the Math Team, the Speech team, the Football team and the School Band.
Quang Kiet and his classmate in the US

However, the desirable achievement is not pure luck. Quang Kiet revealed: “There are many challenges that I have to deal with when studying abroad, but all are not as beautiful as everyone thinks. From homesickness, cultural differences, score pressure and so on. Nevertheless, thanks to the encouragement from family and the similarity in curriculum and learning environment between Greenfield School and St.Lawrence Seminary, I have a solid stepping stone to shine.”

Quang Kiet excitedly shared: “What I find valuable when studying at Greenfield is that the school always ensures a balance between studying and extracurricular activities, which help me develop more. Due to the availability of basic knowledge and foreign language background, when coming to the US, I do not have many obstacles to integrate. I get to know and get along with others quickly. In particular, Mathematics is my great strength because the Math program in Vietnam is more difficult than the program in the US”.

Equipped with basic knowledge and good foreign language background, when coming to the US, Quang Kiet does not have many difficulties to integrate.

Determining his future goal is to study Computer Science at Stanford University – Top 6 best universities in the US (According to USNews, 2020), Quang Kiet has a study plan for each stage. clearly and specifically. In addition to looking for ways to constantly expand knowledge, pursue passionate subjects, in the coming time, I also want to promote extracurricular activities with the idea of ​​opening a Baking Club to guide women of color baking. cakes, distributing cakes to the elderly at the Nursing Home. At the same time, I also plan to establish a Computer Science Club to share and learn knowledge about this subject.

Congratulations to Quang Kiet and his family. Hope that you will continue to promote, shine and achieve your dreams!


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👉In the school year 2020-2021, Greenfield implements the Global Citizen Bilingual Pathway with outstanding features:

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📍1-0-2 Subjects: Public Speaking, Business, TOK – Theory of Knowledge (Critical Thinking)
📍The international standardized certification exam for IELTS, familiar with the concepts of SAT, ACT, IB, AP, etc – international standards used for admission to the University System in developed countries.
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