Good news for the students of the global era: College exams are much different now!

It’s good news for the students of the era of global integration that exams are now much different. Following the general trend of integration with advanced education, for many top universities including public and private ones in the country, there has been a rapid change over the past years in terms of enrollment methods.

For Students & Parents, what is the direct impact of this policy? How does this policy impact on students and parents?

Currently, nearly 100% of families are aware of the need to invest in English for their children from preschool age. With the trend of admission to the new University, this investment will not be wasted: English proficient students with an IELTS score of 6.5 have outstanding priority conditions in the admission process or apply directly to schools. has a major in English Language Arts. The other additional requirements (high school graduation test scores for the remaining subjects…) are much lighter than those without an IELTS certificate.

The fact that the top public / private schools in Vietnam are recruited with international standardized certificates such as IELTS, SAT and so on will solve the problem of “learning for the test”: most students can try these tests. Since Year 11, when a score has not met the required threshold, it can be retested many times until it is achieved. Currently, in Vietnam, the IELTS exam is held with a monthly frequency, SAT about 4-5 exams/year, and most universities accept test results valid for 2 years.

Students are not distracted between two paths: a study to review for graduation exams to study in the country or study for international certificates to study abroad. Currently, IELTS, the most popular certificate in the world, is a mandatory requirement in the profile of studying abroad in more than 140 countries, typically the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and so on. It means that there are more doors for children to choose.

Catching up on the admissions trend of domestic and international Universities, from the 2020-2021 school year Greenfield will bring IELTS English certificate preparation content into the main curriculum of the Citizenship System. Global with an IELTS score of 7.0. At the same time, the curriculum structure also includes the following contents: Accompanying students to choose, develop a learning plan and develop a strategy – a roadmap for preparing application/scholarship registration (Exam SAT, Essay, Profile, Community Activities, Sports Achievement, Gifted …).


✔️ In the National High School Graduation exam, if students’ IELTS are above 4.0 band, they are exempted from the foreign language test and are given 10 points for this test, which is considered for high school graduation recognition.

✔ ️According to the regulations of many top universities such as Foreign Trade University, Hanoi National University, National Economics University, BUV, RMIT and so on, candidates will be considered for ADMISSION to the school when they have an over 6.5 IELTS certificate (along with some other criteria depending on enrollment conditions of each school).

✔ ️Students can SHORT TIME to study at the University due to the exemption of English test if they have an IELTS certificate.

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