Cambridge International School Program at Greenfield School

Cambridge International School Program at Greenfield School

Among international educational institutions cooperating in Vietnam, Cambridge University’s International High School Program Examination Council of the UK is currently a provider of international education programs and qualifications. biggest. Doan Thi Diem Greenfield is one of 18 schools in the North currently recognized by Cambridge International to meet Cambridge standards.

Greenfield School – Cambridge International School code VN 455
Up to now, Cambridge training in Vietnam is mainly in international and private schools. Only in Hanoi and the North, many schools are implementing Cambridge programs, but only 18 schools are recognized by Cambridge International to meet Cambridge standards. To overcome the stringent requirements of Cambridge, some schools take a lot of time and effort to prepare.

After a period of working with the Cambridge International Examinations Council and undergoing a rigorous, scientific appraisal process, as well as innovative management thinking, programs, staff, facilities. Substance conforming to Cambridge standards, Greenfield School was recognized as Cambridge international school with code VN455.

To follow up and confirm the list of Cambridge member schools, you can visit:

Why did Greenfield School choose Cambridge international program?
Greenfield School pursues the Cambridge international program choice compared to other international programs because the Cambridge international program is widely recognized, consistent with the educational philosophy, general training direction of the school, needs Student learning as well as the Cambridge program have a high degree of flexibility in designing and implementing learning activities.

Choosing the Cambridge international program in accordance with the orientation using Cambridge standard as the school’s English output standard as well as allowing the school to balance the appropriate length of time between international programs and Vietnamese high schools, ensuring both the international curriculum objectives and the educational requirements of the Vietnamese high school curriculum.

Students enrolled in the Cambridge international program can achieve a variety of purposes later at each academic level. For example, they can continue to study an international program, transfer to an international high school or high school abroad or have a good foundation of knowledge if they want to continue their specialized classes. In addition, students can study standard international programs, practice English language, knowledge of Mathematics and Science in English right from grade 1.

The accreditation value of the Cambridge certificate
Cambridge International School Program is a program designed by Cambridge International Examinations – CIE, now Cambridge Assessment International Education – CAIE – a non-profit educational organization under Cambridge University – designed to international students aged 5 to 19 years.

CAIE’s program is diversified and designed for students of all ages such as: Primary Program, Lower Secondary Program, Secondary School Program Level 2 (Upper Secondary) and High School Program (Advanced / A Level). Cambridge International School Program is built to ensure continuity for students from elementary to secondary and high school, taught at more than 10,000 schools, in 160 countries and widely recognized across the country. world.

Students achieve Cambridge certificates with a permanent value, equivalent to other international high school education certificates. Students with Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (Primary) and Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint (Secondary) can transfer to other international schools at home and abroad.

Cambridge High School Pathways

Cambridge International School program builds a thorough route and system for students from elementary to high school. Cambridge members are allowed to design a curriculum that is suitable, flexible with the goals, the actual needs and conditions of each school.

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