“A special gift” from the teacher to Greenfield students for quarantine days

It has been nearly two months since the students had to be temporarily away from the school roof and away from their beloved friends and teachers. This reluctant vacation must have disturbed everyone’s schedule; However, Ms. Hong Nhung (Teacher of Literature) still maintains her thoughts about daily habits when going to class. It seemed like everything was going on normally, remember when she was walking together in the corridor covered by a green forest, and when the little students talked to each other. That deep nostalgia was transformed by Ms. Hong Nhung into touching words in a letter to her student.

Let’s share and feel these emotional words of hers!

Sad day, month of memory, year of love….

Dear child!

The year 2020 is really special, isn’t it …. Never have we had such a long, reluctant holiday, so sad. Do you still remember our school’s windy hallway, remember the mango trees we went through many times together, and the lessons of all kinds in the classrooms love you? As for her, she remembers clearly.

Two months away from school, away from classes are two months of longing. Far from school, but the schedule is the same, dear. At 7:45 am, she thought she must be standing on the 6C1 podium and laughed to herself again when she thought of her children coming to meet the homeroom teacher and always shouting “Mommy! Sample arrived! All about location! ”. At 10:10 am, the faces eagerly welcomed the playtime of the unmatched 8A2 students, a group of snake dragons from the Royal Palace, Hai Dang, Duc Minh, Trang Linh, … brought racquets down to the schoolyard, together. and invite the teachers to play a fiery match, no matter how fast you know it will be late. In the afternoon, when thinking about the time after period 7 – preparing to eat for dinner, 6A5’s face came back. Lunch time is always the time you look forward to it. Especially after this hour, when taking the elevator, you will encounter a variety of expressions from begging, teasing, seducing and stalking like Ninja to get to the elevator. That look, that smile, that face can never be forgotten. Because I remember so much, I can’t forget it, but if I don’t forget it, I miss you even more.

As for Mau’s 6C1, when writing these lines, she remembers the faces of the children one by one, remembers our class, but she still jokes that she is “Cambridge leads” because she is at court E. But it is because she is far away. At the lesson, just walk to the schoolyard, the bodyguards of 6C1 cheered to welcome the teachers into the classroom; One day, the kids even went to Court G to meet Mau, buying time to give you more time to prepare for her birthday. Do you know how much happiness you pinned to Mother’s heart? Away from the children was a big challenge for Mau. A lot of messages were sent to Mau to ask about the return of school, she received the message without being happy because she knew that she gave her the most sincere love and affection messages for the 6C1 house in particular, for the green school of happiness in general.

Maybe now, the children are also sobbing, miss you and teachers very much, right? But “fighting epidemics like fighting the enemy” and staying at home are also contributing to the common work before the epidemic plagues me, right? The children can follow the news through official channels to catch the epidemic situation, to add pride in their small but unobtrusive country, to be touched when the national airline plane is arrogant. the sky brought the people back to the country; then suddenly quiet before the moment when thousands of people join hands so that no one will be left behind … How much love is my country. And now, while away from school, teachers, friends, I work hard to practice sports, improve my health! You can also spend more time on hobbies and passions that I have not had many opportunities to practice before. At the end of March, she guessed that our teardrop-shaped schoolyard was very beautiful, the leaves were still green, the birds were still singing and the sun poured gold nectar; Only thing, the absence of crisp smiles, the clear eyes of the children and the lack of lectures by teachers in each classroom….

And then, this difficult time will pass quickly.

The happy green school will welcome the children again, we will be able to walk on familiar roads, on familiar buses to school, play under the canopy and our school football field will burst when welcoming the kids back. At that time, it will be very happy, dear.

Yours sincerely! Love you so much!

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